25 May 2020... | Many places. Lockdown, innit..

R & D Project 2020

Thanks to Dancebase, I'm researching with fabulous dancers.
R & D Project 2020

Time & Location

25 May 2020...
Many places. Lockdown, innit..

About the Event

R & D Project 2020

I'm grateful to Dancebase for offering me a Residency in May. 

Then along came a global pandemic; a tiny virus with a massive impact for all of us. 

The implications are so huge. Every day I have to step back from thinking about it and focus on what is right in front of me instead. And breathe.

The project will go online instead, with amazing dancers and music by Quee MacArthur. 

We are going to move. Alone. Way more than 2 metres apart. 

Life happens. 

I'll keep you posted, dance friends.

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