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Work with Dawn: Programs

Work with Dawn

Career-long Professional Development

Dawn is an experienced and passionate dance practitioner with accessibility and learning at the heart of all her CLPL sessions. Working with people of all ages and experience levels, Dawn's workshops focus on the tools and techniques required to take dance into your environment.

Supporting Your Work;

Learning Together

Dawn's bespoke approach to integrating Creative Learning into your organisation will give you fresh and sustainable ideas. Introduce communities to your work ahead of online or live performances, developing participation and loyal audiences.

Artistic Support and Development

With years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary dance, Dawn has produced, strategised, choreographed and directed. Develop your vision and artistic practice supported by Dawn.

Head Teacher, Dundee Primary School (My Tall Pal transition project)

The project was fantastic. The joint benefits for both the P6 and nursery pupils was evident in the showcase last week. The confidence levels in my P6s had definitely grown. It was a joy watching them perform with their younger buddies. I loved seeing the nursery children balance on the backs of the P6s - what an amazing level of trust. This was more than just about performance. This was about relationship building and teamwork - skills for learning, life and work. I would love to be a part of something like this again. Thank you so much for thinking of us Dawn and for all your input.

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