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What Moves You? at the Brunton on Friday 12 November

What Moves You? is the first project delivered by What Moves You CIC                                                                                   Company Number 690771


Thanks to a Creative Scotland Sustaining Creative Development Award, funding from The William Syson Foundation, Crowdfunder Supporters and the 4 partner venues - The Brunton, Byre Theatre, Lyra and Lyth Arts Centre - What Moves You? has connected with people all over Scotland.


Working in collaboration with fellow Dance Artists Skye Reynolds, Julia McGhee and Niamh O’Loughlin, we led online, outdoor and indoor movement sessions and made solos for presentation near each of the venues:


  • Saturday 12 June - Niamh near The Brunton, Musselburgh 

  • Saturday 26 June - Skye near Lyra, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

  • Sunday 27 June - Dawn near The Byre Theatre, St Andrews 

  • Saturday 10 July - Julia near Inver and Balintore with future performances at Lyth Arts Centre by Wick


We've reached more than 200 people through 30 workshops. 214 people have enjoyed the performances with evocative scores by Quee MacArthur.

We've collaborated with fantastic costume designers, Alison Brown, Mona Kastell, Teo Alessandro and Aaron Macdonald. 


We'll keep you posted about how the short film is progressing and let you know about the launch as soon as we can.


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In partnership with The Byre Theatre                                       (image by Hazel Terry)

Sea Path continues to resonate...


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Sea Path Film Crew
Photo of Jade, Dawn, Quee and Brian by Brian Hartley
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Moving movement...

Please see Life Story for more info and email me for current cv.


Career-long Professional Learning

I  am passionate about dance and movement. With years of experience in delivery and design, I'll happily propose bespoke programmes of projects and CLPL for your cluster or school. 

Building on the basics to create complexity.

Leading Dance Workshops

I enjoy delivering dance sessions for all levels of experience to maximise full engagement and build confidence. 


Artistic Support

As a former performer,  I have experience in all aspects of artistic development from idea to studio to stage to outdoors.  

Please email for advice - If I don't know, I'm happy to direct you to someone who does.

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Aim of the film?

Dancebase R & D Online Residency May 2020

I looked for common threads and standout moves, for moments that piqued my curiosity.

I quickly became interested in the passing of energy from one dancer to another, becoming completely absorbed

by the attention to detail needed to ensure the movement flowed from one another.                               

My fascination in recognising the micro movements the dancers made before committing to the next move grew. Imperceptible in real live life, on screen I could see the flick of a finger, a micro blink, an eyelid twitch,

a minute head move or a tiny shift of weight and then.... they're off! 

Once I’d made an edit, I talked with Quee MacArthur, Composer and husband, about the idea of the sound being brash, inhuman, stark, uncomfortable and unmusical. Not words usually attributed to Quee's compositions!

I told him my rationale, vague ideas of landmark references, of where I thought there was space in the resulting

short film and where I imagined more driving, pushing through, energetic flow.

Quee quickly came up with the ideas of using reverb and delay as an analogy to the distance of the camera. 

He wanted a slightly manic vibe, echoing the editing.

He programmed a track of underlying beats, using a moving low pass filter.

We talked about introducing real instruments and Quee used some audio from the dancers’ films which he processed.

I pushed for more bass. He is a bass player....

You can see these beautiful contributions from these generous dancers on Vimeo.

Password is Dancebase 

Thanks to dancers Shannon, Niamh, Leanne, Jack, Alan and Ellis, to Dancebase

and to Quee MacArthur for composing the music.

Dancebase R & D residency online 2020

Dawn that video is incredible.
The movement really drew me in, and it was particularly cool to see the dancers in their different surroundings, and when they came up and eyeballed the camera it felt simultaneously startling, intimate
and gave this feeling of connection and closeness.
Especially impressive to achieve something at that level during an r&d in lockdown - well done!