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What Moves You? Update!

We've collaborated with fantastic costume designers, Alison Brown, Mona Kastell, Teo Alessandro and Aaron Macdonald and made new solo works.

172 people have enjoyed these near each of the venues:

  • Saturday 12 June - Niamh O'Loughlin near The Brunton, Musselburgh

  • Saturday 26 June - Skye Reynolds near Lyra, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

  • Sunday 27 June - Dawn Hartley near The Byre Theatre, St Andrews


  • Saturday 10 July - Julia McGhee near Inver and Balintore with future performances at Lyth Arts Centre by Wick

We'll keep you posted about how the short film is progressing and let you know about the launch as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, keep your feet on the ground (if you want!)

and your shirt on your back...

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